just write…

Typical conversation that occurs after I’ve had 2 drinks at a party and fended off the “what do you do for a living” question with “finance, but really I like to write”:

Random party guest:  “Oh, so you like to write?  What do you write?”

Insecure self:  “Um, I don’t know, stuff.  I just like to write.  Research, letters, restaurant reviews, journal entries, semi-fictional short stories based on my experiences…”

Random party guest:  “Maybe you should start a blog.”

Insecure self: “Hmm, maybe.”

Random party guest:  *awkward silence, walks away to get another drink*

So here I am.  Attempting to find a voice to share.  I have fairly strong opinions on a few topics and a lot of balanced perspective on a variety of others. 

I need an assignment, an opportunity, a platform in which to spill the random thoughts into a cohesive pile of words.   I need practice putting words into sentences into paragraphs into stories.  I may even give myself assignments from all the various inspirational writing books I’ve accumulated over the years.  Validate moving the tattered things from state to state anyways. Or possibly I’ll just babble into space, journaling my audience to sleep.  Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll write.


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