seasonal morning zen…

I’m not necessarily a morning person, but I don’t dislike them as long as I didn’t stay up too much past my bedtime. I enjoy a few quiet minutes of Zen en route to work each day before I reach the hustle and bustle of downtown. Walking past the serene church, waiting on the train platform with the cityscape in the distance, or riding through the quiet neighborhood streets provide moments of peace.

There is something about the change of season that I appreciate in my daily morning commute. I love living in a city that has four full distinct seasons. Bundling up in the winter and having the first snow crunch under your cozy, warm boots. The pleasure of not having to wear a scarf and feeling the sun warm your face when spring finally breaks through. Come summertime, the freedom of not having a jacket and flip flops that match every outfit.

And autumn? I think that may be my favorite. Such crispness in the air! I love to put on a jacket and long pants, especially after a long sticky summer. The comfort of pulling on a sweater with tights and boots. Hats and scarves for fashion, not necessity. The scent of fallen leaves. The changing trees painted yellow, orange, and auburn. The position of the sun, rising later in the morning sky. Cool and refreshing gentle breezes.

Today I had to wear a long sleeved shirt on my bike ride to work. The crisp wind was invigorating as I navigated the city streets. I kept finding myself drifting into my morning Zen. Heading east into to the city skyline, backlit with yellow rays shining through. (A state of Zen is not the best place to be when a trash truck decides to make a right hand turn into you from the left hand lane. Hello, I’m awake!) I still manage to relax during quiet stretches of road before I enter the downtown traffic.

I will miss these morning rides when the snow falls. I’m just not that hard core. I’ll gladly make the exchange to snow boots and revert back to my train rides when the temperature dips down. But these next few weeks, I’m going to enjoy the perfect autumn mornings.


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