There is something about a beautiful sunset that just melts away all of the mundane everyday stuff we carry around with us. Its like a cue to myself to take a deep breath and be in the present. To relax and appreciate the beauty that nature graciously supplies to our souls. I have to stop for a moment and take it all in, hiding it away internally to reflect upon later. To save it for recall when I’m having a bad day. That peaceful quiet that resonates in my heart and gives me balance.

There were a lot of moments like that on my recent trip to Sedona. My moments were from nature though, not from all of the gimmicks and vortexes and tourist ridiculousness. I didn’t need to get a metaphysical mud scrub for $350 to cleanse myself. I just needed the fresh air and red rock scenery. To be away from the city for a few days without responsibility. To feel the sun on my face and the dry, warm breeze in my hair. To practice yoga outside under a crystal blue sky spotted with fluffy white clouds.

In Sedona, you are surrounded by the greatness of the rock formations. Even driving through, you can appreciate their magnitude. But to actually get out into it, be among it, to be in nature, is truly therapeutic. I can obtain this feeling from any outdoor setting, even in the city at times. Buildings and skylines can create great majestic scenes. For me, its about taking a moment to stop and fully admire something and have gratitude to be in its presence. To recognize the significance of a tree or a mountain or a body of water.

Take a deep breath, soak in the beauty, feel the peacefulness around you, and be grateful. Ahhhhhh.


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