go big or go home…

Only a few days to go until All Hallows’s Eve, The Day of the Dead, or good old Halloween, whatever you choose to call it. Oh how I love this fun, free for all holiday!

Choose a theme and go wild. Feeling scary? Pale make up with dark circles and ripped clothes = zombie. Or there is always the classic witch, vampire, or ghost. Feeling sexy? There is no shortage of options on this special day…slutty cop, promiscuous pirate, scantilous cat, or naughty doctor? Sure, why not. (Although if my physician was dressed that way, I’d most definitely walk out.)

I usually go for a festive original outfit, like a 70’s lounge singer (in a tacky sequined dress with a fun wig and a microphone), a Black Widow (blinged out, mourning in a black veil, fur coat with a bottle of poison and handgun in her clutch), or a bright blue Smurfette (in a blue turtle neck and tights with a little white dress and hat).

Sometimes I’ll just go traditional but still very made up as a vampire or a witch. Occasionally, I go for tongue in cheek, like “Reigning Cats & Dogs” where my friend and I dressed up as a cat and a dog with crowns, sashes, and scepters. She’s also been known to go as a Black Eyed Pea, sporting a larger letter P on her shirt and a blackened eye. Get it?

I NEVER EVER buy pre-made costumes. What’s the point? The fun in it for me is the vision I have and what I can come up with at Goodwill. I then store these props and crazy garments in 2 large orange crates known as “The Halloween Boxes”. My friends know where to find a last minute black cape or prop gun.

Sometimes I work backwards, finding the perfect dress or jumpsuit at Goodwill and coming up with a reason to wear it out. This is how I morphed into Nancy Sinatra in her 60’s funkadelic dress and white boots one year. Another year found me as an 80’s Prom Queen with my ridiculous poofy dress, big pink bow, and matching florescent pumps.

I’m pretty sure the homemade original costume was engrained into my psyche as a child. My mom taught us that store bought costumes were for children whose mother’s didn’t love them as much as she loved us. Over the years she created an M&M costume out of yellow felt, a Bag of Jelly Beans out of some balloons, Eaten Alive by a Shark from some grey fabric, and Raggedy Ann from a ball of yarn (ok, she had a few more materials than that up her sleeve). The woman is talented when it comes to costuming. I’d like to say that I take after her.

My husband either goes all out or boycotts. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. I knew it was love when I found out he had his very own Halloween section in his closet! He owns an elaborate 3 Little Pigs outfit and a dead ringer Killer Bee costume from the old Saturday Night Live skit. Oh, how I love this man! His artistic side truly shines through as he puts together these get ups. The details are very important to him. If the dingy bopper head band is missing, you just simply can’t be the killer bee. Again, go big or go home!

My first couple costume was 2 years into our relationship. We saw Sweeney Todd over the summer and decided then and there that we would become Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. We put together very elaborate wonderful costumes and hit the town. This is by far my favorite character yet and I can’t wait to reincarnate her in a few years.

Our costumes for this year are still coming together. I am not as inspired as I have been in years past, but trust me, I’ll still go big. It might take a mad dash to the Goodwill on the morning of the 30th, but rest assured, my husband and I will be decked out and ready to receive our treats by All Hallows’ Eve!


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