pandas and geishas and beers, oh my…

Happy Halloween! As an adult, this fabulous holiday is celebrated on the Saturday prior to the 31st. So while the kiddies are all getting dressed up and trick or treating tonight, I got my trick on last night. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound quite right, especially given my not so politically correct costume. You see, I was a Geisha.

But let’s start at the beginning. My husband Mark saw an LCD Soundsystem video months ago and was inspired. I’m guessing not too many people have seen this video or would have known what he was had he gone with the original character. We called it “Scary Panda”. I had hoped to share the link with you, but for some reason, it has been pulled from every source for copyright issues.

So I start thinking, what can I be that goes along with his panda costume? Can I be one of the hostages from the video? Wouldn’t that be even more difficult to explain to people who have never heard of the video? Pandas are from China, right? Maybe I can be something associated with China. Like a 10 year old Olympic gymnast? Um, I don’t think anyone wants to see me in a leotard at this point of my “diet”.

Then, lounging around in my summer kimono robe, it came to me. I’ll be a Geisha! No new props required, I own everything I need! But wait, aren’t Geisha Japanese? Oh well, not like we have to have couple costumes every year. But is it ok to dress up like a Geisha? Will I be offending anyone? Some costumes are made to be offensive (hello tasteless Little Miss Strangled Jon Benet Ramsey that I witnessed in Halloween’s past). I did it anyways. In my predominantly white middle class neighborhood, I don’t think I pushed anyone’s buttons.

As Mark realized that the Scary Pandas from the video were kind of shoddy half assed bears, he opted to put in a little more effort and make his a better example of a panda. The white body suit was so much more fun with the legs cut out. The mask was still a little creepy and evoked quite a few emotional responses from random people. It was a happy panda though, unlike the hostile bears in the video (dang it, why can’t I find a clip to share with you?!).

Over all, we had a pretty entertaining evening trick or treating at our local pubs. Now its time to start brainstorming for next years big costume! Will I finally give in and be a Trader Ho-bag like Mark has wanted all these years? Or will he agree to be Papa Smurf while I bring back Smurfette? I guess you’ll have to wait and see!


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