my shiny new bubbling toy…

We have splurged on the most fun new gadget! We are now the proud owners of a Penguin Soda Stream. A what, you ask? Well, I put a pretty glass bottle into the penguin, lock it up tight, press down on its cute little beak 5 or 6 times, and Voila! Bubbly water! I know, really, it’s the little things that thrill me.

I’m justifying the expense and the ridiculousness of this permanent fixture on my counter as environmental and, dare I say, practical. I love carbonated water. I don’t drink regular soda pop. I rarely have juice. I’m a coffee, tea, and water drinker. Preferably soda water. So this cute little stainless steel penguin makes my regular ol’ tap water bubbly! Its genius really. And attractive to boot.

I’ve calculated that I only need to go through 2 cartridges to get my return on investment. The initial $199 expense (that was subsidized with wedding gift cards, thank you very much) which included the Penguin and two cartridges = 180 bottles of “insert fancy spring brand here” at $1+ per bottle. When you factor in the environmental savings of not using glass and plastic bottles, not having them transported, and then not having to recycle them, I think you will agree that a carbonated water loving lady like myself has made a pretty good purchase. Plus the cartridges are refillable and it doesn’t use electricity or batteries.

There are flavored add-ins that you can purchase or a quinine additive if you prefer tonic. I like mine with just a squeeze of fresh lemon. If I have leftover juice, I might add a splash to the bubbly water for a homemade spritzer. It makes a perfect mixer for a cocktail too. The 2 glass carafes that come with it have a handy cap that actually seal in the bubbles to save for later. Again, genius!

I’m enjoying showing off my handsome little penguin and plan to put him to work again tonight. Its Thursday aka Ladies Night, and I’m hosting at my place. I’m sure we will all need a little bubbly water to go with our wine!

Note: This handsome little fellow can be found online or at Williams Sonoma. Highly Recommended!


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