meatless mondays: on the road again…

When I tell people I’m a vegetarian, they often ask if I get sick of eating salads and wonder what else might be available to eat for someone with my “condition”. Let me tell you that I certainly have never gone hungry! Pasta, bread, beans, cheese, eggs and peanut butter sustain me on a regular basis. I do love a good salad or roasted vegetable platter, but that certainly isn’t all I eat.

When I travel, it can become a little more difficult. I am surprised by the lack of vegetarian options in certain parts of the country. But still, if you ask, you can always modify a menu item to be vegetarian. Show me a sandwich shop that won’t make you a cheese sandwich. It might not be what you really want to eat, but there will be something vegetarian you can come up with.

As I write this today, I’ll be having my meatless monday meal at Denver International Airport (sorry, no recipe post today!). I’ve pretty much got my routine down there. There is the Timberland Restaurant that specializes in Buffalo Burgers and Rocky Mountain Oysters (obviously NOT vegetarian). While they don’t offer a veggie burger option, they do have nachos. You just have to request “no meat” mixed in with your beans. Einstein Bagels offers veggie sandwiches, salads, and of course, bagels with cream cheese. Cheese pizza is pretty easy to find too.

My favorite part of the country for vegetarian travel is the west coast. Washington, Oregon, and California cater to freaks like me! Smoked tofu and portobello mushroom burgers are commonplace. Bacon doesn’t come with everything. And salads actually contain vegetables and nuts instead of chunks of ham or chicken.

Someday the rest of the country will catch up and offer these easy delights more readily. Until then, grilled cheese it is! Safe travels to you and yours during this holiday season!


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