Soundly sleeping…
5:30 am MEEEOOOOWWWW- good morning Alarm Clock Kitty!

Completely back asleep and dreaming…
5:45 am- bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bumpa-bum bum

Half sleeping, partly dreaming, drifting…
5:55 am- bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bumpa-bum bum

Half awake, warm bed conformed around me…
I’m up! I’m getting up! Just 5 more minutes! I promise I’ll get up before it goes off again…

6:10 am- BEEP BEEP BEEP goes the coffee pot letting me know its finished.
I roll out of bed, my now awake husband grumbling next to me. Sorry honey!

I am in a mixed marriage. You see, I’m a snoozer and my husband is a get up and go kind of guy. He used to have to wake up before me to hit the road and make his long commute before rush hour. Now, as a grad student, he gets to sleep in. Except for when I press snooze and constantly wake him every 10 minutes for a good chunk of his morning.

His solution is to set the alarm clock for later or go to bed earlier. But really, that has nothing to do with it for me. I truly enjoy “stealing” another 10 to 20 minutes in my warm, cozy bed. I know that I’m not getting any more valuable sleep. I just like the feeling of laying there, relaxed, easing into my morning and my routine.

When I have to get up for some reason, I have no problem getting right out of bed and starting my day. I could easily be a morning person under the right circumstances. When its by choice, I thoroughly enjoy an early rising followed by coffee, newspaper, yoga, and pre-primetime errands. I can be bright-eyed and bushy tailed. But why waste that on a train commute and work? Let me press snooze!

In my defense, I actually have a very nice, peaceful alarm tone. It starts out low and quiet, the distant sound of a tribal drum. Gradually, it gains momentum and volume. Its not a screeching beep or a loud radio or a bell of any kind. Its your basic iPhone “Timba” sound. I think it is soothing.

I should probably try to allow my husband some peace and quiet these next few weekday mornings. His hiatus from the weekly grind is coming to an abrupt end. He’ll be starting his student teaching gig in less than 2 weeks.

We’ll go back to our morning dance in our one bathroom home. There will be a shower schedule. The blow dryer will move back to the bedroom. I’ll get dressed in a fully lit room. And I can press snooze guilt free while he is getting ready before me.

But the very best part? I’ll once again get to have coffee with the man I love every morning! After a good snooze…


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