Monthly Archives: November 2011

twilight zone…

You are about to journey into another dimension.   A dimension not only of sight and sound,  but of mind.  A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.  You have entered into the Twilight Zone!

At 5:45am, when I am driving in my “new” car down a highway  I had previously never  heard of, on my way to my new gym to exercise before I go to my new job, in my new suburb, I feel a little like I’ve entered into the Twilight Zone.  Where am I?  How did I get here?  Am I happy?

Everything feels so different.  I am adjusting to an earlier bed time, an earlier wake up call, a different work out schedule, a completely different commute, and a wonderful new position and office.  It really is great, its just so…different.

Change is good, but it can be difficult too.  Its hard to make dinner when I get home an hour later and have been stuck in traffic for said hour.  I can’t motivate to grocery shop after I have worked so hard all day.  I get stuck vegging on the couch instead.  Which is not a bad thing every once in awhile!  Its just…well, different.

And what about all of that personal stuff that I used to get done at my old quiet job?  Now that has to be done during my personal time.  Imagine that!  What a crazy concept.  Work at work and do personal stuff at home.  Oh ya, I remember this from another lifetime.

My new work day flies by though, in a good way.  Sometimes I miss lunch because I’m actually so busy that I forget to take it.  Who am I?  Twilight Zone, I tell ya.  Not that it is helping my weight loss in any way.  Those fun new breakfast meetings and sales dinners are taking care of that no lunch problem.

I am slowly adjusting.  Attempting to get to bed a few minutes earlier really helps.  I’m figuring out how to run errands during my lunch hour and on my way home.  My mornings run much more smoothly if I can pack my gym bag and lunch the night before.  I’ve found myself without necessary undergarments when rushing out the door at 6am…  Thank goodness for my over prepared ways.  That extra change of clothes in the trunk of my car has come in handy more than once this past month!

Change just takes time to adapt to.  Seeing what works and what needs tweaking.  Overall, I am a much happier person.  My work feels more meaningful and balanced.  I feel motivated and appreciated.  One step at a time, things are falling into place.  Now if I could just hire a maid and a cook, I’d be set!  But then it would really feel like the Twilight Zone.