Just me contemplating life
Hi, I’m Aimee. Welcome to my world of skybluepink! I’m a 30-something newlywed woman, living in the urban haven of Chicago. I have a voice. It mostly likes to hmm and haw about relationships, vegetarian cooking, wine and beer tasting, environmental efforts, and living a fulfilling life. Occasionally, the voice just wants to bitch and be heard.

*skybluepink is the color my grandfather used to describe the hue of a beautiful vibrant glowing sunset*


2 responses to “about

  1. Thanks, I love this. It warms my soul to know you are so content 🙂
    I love you,

  2. Wow…I just had the pleasure of diving into the mind of YOU! What wonderful wanderings through your soul! Love, Love, Love you and I sure love this! Thanks for sharing!

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