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cheers to thursdays and my ladies…

Let me just start by saying that I love my girlfriends. I have been truly blessed with some of the best ladies a girl could ask for! In order to make sure we make time for one another (and for ourselves), my local ladies and I have designated one night a week to get together: Thursdays!

These thursday meetings aren’t mandatory, no one takes attendance, there isn’t an agenda, and all are welcome. Just join in when you can! There might only be 3 of us, but a group of 8 will be guaranteed entertainment. We could call it a “book club”, but really, isn’t that generally just an excuse to get together? Plus, we are aiming for a weekly gathering, not monthly.

For our “thursday club”, we might just sit at my house drinking wine and noshing on cheese. Or maybe we will all go out for sushi. How about a night watching a friend’s jazz band play? Or possibly a Grey’s Anatomy viewing. Heck, we just may end up talking about a book we all read. Dressing up or hanging in our comfies, no one cares. Just as long as we are together and making time for our sanity, it really doesn’t matter.

We are planning a variety of activities but the one constant is probably drinking wine. There is something about having a glass of wine, relaxing, and having a great conversation and a laugh with a close girlfriend. We all need our lady time. Whether it is to feel loved and supported, be a part of a larger community, or just to blow off some steam in safe company, downtime with my ladies is mandatory.

We’ve been practicing our Thursdays for the past few weeks and plan to open it up to other ladies in need of refuge from their daily grind. I’ll keep you posted on our adventures occasionally.

Quite coincidentally, I discovered an actual website about this same concept just after we made our pact to try to get together weekly. It’s aptly named thursdaynightdinner. They are a little more crafty than we are, but hey, to each her own.

I highly recommend forming your own little club doing whatever makes you happy on whatever day you all decide works best for you! Cheers to Thursdays and girlfriends!