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meatless mondays: on the road again…

When I tell people I’m a vegetarian, they often ask if I get sick of eating salads and wonder what else might be available to eat for someone with my “condition”. Let me tell you that I certainly have never gone hungry! Pasta, bread, beans, cheese, eggs and peanut butter sustain me on a regular basis. I do love a good salad or roasted vegetable platter, but that certainly isn’t all I eat.

When I travel, it can become a little more difficult. I am surprised by the lack of vegetarian options in certain parts of the country. But still, if you ask, you can always modify a menu item to be vegetarian. Show me a sandwich shop that won’t make you a cheese sandwich. It might not be what you really want to eat, but there will be something vegetarian you can come up with.

As I write this today, I’ll be having my meatless monday meal at Denver International Airport (sorry, no recipe post today!). I’ve pretty much got my routine down there. There is the Timberland Restaurant that specializes in Buffalo Burgers and Rocky Mountain Oysters (obviously NOT vegetarian). While they don’t offer a veggie burger option, they do have nachos. You just have to request “no meat” mixed in with your beans. Einstein Bagels offers veggie sandwiches, salads, and of course, bagels with cream cheese. Cheese pizza is pretty easy to find too.

My favorite part of the country for vegetarian travel is the west coast. Washington, Oregon, and California cater to freaks like me! Smoked tofu and portobello mushroom burgers are commonplace. Bacon doesn’t come with everything. And salads actually contain vegetables and nuts instead of chunks of ham or chicken.

Someday the rest of the country will catch up and offer these easy delights more readily. Until then, grilled cheese it is! Safe travels to you and yours during this holiday season!


have yourself a merry little christmas…

The tree is trimmed. The Irish Cream has mingled. And I’ve mastered the secret family peanut brittle recipe! (for those of you who don’t know, its not the sticky, rock hard variety you buy in the store). Are we there yet?

I think I did pretty well this year. I didn’t over spend and I only ended up with a few extra stocking stuffers that probably didn’t need to be purchased. My cards turned out pretty darn cute, if I don’t say so myself, and my husband even helped me decorate them with glitter glue!

I’m looking forward to being home in Colorado with my family and partaking in our annual traditions: looking at the lights around the city, finding new pj’s under the tree on Christmas eve, opening our stockings Christmas morning, and eating “monkey bread” with our coffee. I’m not particularly looking forward to traveling, but hopefully the weather and flights will cooperate.

Since my husband is joining in the festivities this year, we are treating him to his family’s “Breakfast Casserole” along with our carb-alicous monkey bread. I’ve also added in a mandatory dinner out at a local mexican restaurant so we can get our “authentic green chili” on. Hopefully the New Belgium Brewery or the Odell Brewing Company will be open for a tasting. And we’ll definitely watch a local Broncos game on t.v. (and cheer them on whether they are losing or not!).

I hope you all enjoy your holiday celebration with your families, practicing old traditions or creating new ones. Take a moment to relax and be thankful for time with your loved ones. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!


There is something about a beautiful sunset that just melts away all of the mundane everyday stuff we carry around with us. Its like a cue to myself to take a deep breath and be in the present. To relax and appreciate the beauty that nature graciously supplies to our souls. I have to stop for a moment and take it all in, hiding it away internally to reflect upon later. To save it for recall when I’m having a bad day. That peaceful quiet that resonates in my heart and gives me balance.

There were a lot of moments like that on my recent trip to Sedona. My moments were from nature though, not from all of the gimmicks and vortexes and tourist ridiculousness. I didn’t need to get a metaphysical mud scrub for $350 to cleanse myself. I just needed the fresh air and red rock scenery. To be away from the city for a few days without responsibility. To feel the sun on my face and the dry, warm breeze in my hair. To practice yoga outside under a crystal blue sky spotted with fluffy white clouds.

In Sedona, you are surrounded by the greatness of the rock formations. Even driving through, you can appreciate their magnitude. But to actually get out into it, be among it, to be in nature, is truly therapeutic. I can obtain this feeling from any outdoor setting, even in the city at times. Buildings and skylines can create great majestic scenes. For me, its about taking a moment to stop and fully admire something and have gratitude to be in its presence. To recognize the significance of a tree or a mountain or a body of water.

Take a deep breath, soak in the beauty, feel the peacefulness around you, and be grateful. Ahhhhhh.